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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Teacher Freebies -- Back to School!

Yes, I said the dreaded words--Back to School. Teachers love to teach, but we sure do enjoy our downtime. It usually takes us a little bit to get back into the swing of things. How about if I help you along with a couple of teacher freebies?

First, we have Teacher Tape. Teacher Tape's description is "TeachersTape is a removable foam tape that comes off cleanly with no adhesive residue or tape scraps." What teacher couldn't use that, especially with all of the things we put on our walls?! Head over to their site for a free sample of the stuff.

Next, we have an e-book and some early learning worksheets for those of you who teach K or Pre-K. There are two e-books available, Stepping Stones for Early Readers and Early Writing for Little Hands. This site also has free Kindergarten worksheets and Assessment for school readiness.

1 comment:

  1. I was able to download the books, but I won't call to get the tape. I don't want them pushing me into buying anything at this time. No work, No pay! LOL


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