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Friday, May 27, 2011

The All-Important Coupon Binder

When you get into couponing, you quickly realize you need an organization method. There are many--little coupon accordion organizer, envelopes, big accordion folder, or a binder. Each has its plusses and minuses.

I decided on a binder. I have a 3-ring zipper binder sorted by categories. I got the divider pages from the Krazy Coupon Lady here. I clip two inserts per week. I sometimes buy more inserts depending on what coupons will be coming. I use Sunday Coupon Preview to help me decide how many papers to buy. A general rule of thumb for me is: if I can save more that the cost of the paper within the first week, and expect to save 4-5 times the cost of the paper, I will buy 4-5 copies. I don't clip these inserts. I keep them in a gallon ziploc bag labeled with the week the insert was published.

Recently, I was at the Coupon Divas website and was listening to Kitty's video on coupon binders. She mentioned that she had found some pocket dividers that were especially good for coupons. Instead of the small baseball card holders (9 pockets), these are 3-pocket currency holders. They are as long as a 8 1/2 inch page, making them as long as the longest coupons. Yay! No folding! I just ordered some from Amazon:

I could re-invent the wheel, but lots of talented ladies have already published great descriptions of how to organize your coupons. Places to learn more about coupon organization:

Coupon Divas: Making a Coupon Binder
Krazy Coupon Lady: How to start your coupon binder

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