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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Reflections: My Testimony

Note: Sunday is my day of rest and worship of my God. I haven't been good about reserving this time lately, but I am rededicating that to the Lord. Therefore, on Sundays, I will only post my Sunday Reflections. Check out my Sale Sweep Up for the week, or my Albertson's Matchups if you're looking for deals.

My Testimony

I grew up as a Christian, with most of my family and extended family also Christian. I came to know Jesus at an early age, but did not give my life to Jesus until I was sixteen. After a meandering path, I ended up in Texas with my husband and two sons. We had bought our first home and I was teaching only a mile away. Life seemed great, but we had a shallow faith. 
In June 2007, I was teaching summer school. I woke that Monday morning to my oldest son telling me the backyard was full of water. Before we knew it, the house was filled with water. We were able to get out safely, but our house was totaled and we lost one of our pets, a sweet kitty named Steel Magnolia, or Maggie for short. This is when we found out how much God loved us. 

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I called my mom to have her come watch the kids while we started to work on cleaning out the house. She called my aunt, and from there it spread throughout our church. Over a dozen brothers and sisters showed up and cleaned out our house. We were the only ones on the block to end that day cleaned out. On top of that great blessing, we received so many offers of clothing, food, and furniture that we were able to share with others in our neighborhood. It was amazing how this tragedy became a way for us to bring the neighborhood together and share Jesus' love.

As a result of this experience, we are forever changed. We have a deeper relationship with Jesus, and a greater appreciation for the blessings we have. We were also able to affect people in Jesus' name when there was no opportunity there before.

Do you know Jesus? We are all striving to find something to fill our lives and we all sense that there's something missing. What's missing is the close relationship we were designed to have with our Creator. We can't have that relationship as we are. We're messy and fallen and God can only be around perfection. The good news is that He made a plan for us to get cleaned up so we could be with Him forever. Jesus, who is perfect, gave his life and took our sin (messiness of our lives) and put it on himself, took our punishment for us. All we have to do to make ourselves clean again is to accept what Jesus has done for us and declare Him Lord of our lives.

If you would like to learn more about my faith, please email me. I would be happy to talk with you. I don't know everything and I'm far from perfect, but I can share with you what I know and help you find out what I don't!

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