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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Old Home Movies = Great Memories No Longer Seen

When is the last time you watched a VHS tape? Or, better yet, got out the old slide projector to look at some old photos? I remember those days fondly, even the old projector with the reels for showing home movies. Sadly, many of these media are all but extinct, leaving our precious family memories to sit in dusty boxes, unused and forgotten.

That doesn't have to be the case, though. With iMemories, you can take your memories from a variety of analog formats (from VHS to miniDV to negatives) and turn them into digital media. The thing I really liked about iMemories is that you can preview the photos or video online before you order a DVD of them.

Besides not getting to see and remember your old photos and videos, iMemories reminds us that analog media decays over time. Film warps, VHS deteriorates. Before you know it, your memories are lost forever.

Right now, iMemories has a special deal for preserving your memories: They're taking 33% off their already affordable prices. Now is the time to take the plunge and start digitizing your memories today!

I know my mom recently bought a "scanner" that turned slides into digital photos. The process was long and hard and the results weren't all that great. I am excited to try out iMemories services and see what they can do for us. 

Many of our memories were lost in the flood we experienced 4 years ago. Our VHS tapes of the kids as babies, many of our photos, our wedding video, all lost. I wish that we had been able to digitize back then. Maybe more of our family memories would have survived.

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