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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Get #Shoes Styled Just for You for under $40!

You've seen women who look fabulous in their shoes and you wonder, "Why can't I look like that without spending $$$ ?" I'm not much of a shoe aficionado, mainly because I'm a frugalista before a fashionista. I've just accepted that my comfortable, but cheap shoes were the only way to go for me. 

I recently found Just Fabulous and they just might change my mind! When you sign up (free) at Just Fabulous, you take a personality quiz and personal shoppers will match shoes to you in your own "shoe closet." The best part: all of the shoes are only $39.95! I kept thinking, "Where's the catch? Somewhere there has to be something that makes this un-frugal." I haven't found the catch yet!

Buying shoes online can always be a tricky business--some brands run small or large, some might be more narrow or wide than you expect. And who wants the added expense of paying for return shipping? With Just Fabulous, you avoid that trap, too--there's free shipping both ways!

Right now, if you sign up (free) with Just Fabulous, you'll get 20% off your first purchase. Sign up with Just Fabulous now.

Have you bought from Just Fabulous? What was your experience? Which pair of great shoes did you choose?
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