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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Reflections #4: Temptation

Courtesy of Kim Daniels

We're starting a new series at my church, Sherman Bible, called "Even Me," which looks like it's going to be awesome. We just came off of a tough, challenging, but great series that asked us if we are fans of Jesus, or followers. Now we're going to be looking at how the gospel is for everyone, even me and disciple making is for everyone, even me. I love that our church openly welcomes people in all states, but challenges them not to stay where they are.

Today we looked at Jesus' temptation prior to the start of His ministry. We looked at the three temptations and learned how they really do connect to us (like Jeff, I often thought, "well, I don't have the power to turn stones into bread, so how does this connect to me and my temptations?"). Here are the three temptations (from our perspective) from Luke 4:1-4 and what we discussed about them:

  1. Consumption -- would you rather be fed or fathered? In the story of the Israelites wandering the desert after being released from captivity, sometimes God provided manna and sometimes He didn't, but He loved and cared for them. We go through times of plenty and times of want to shape us into what He wants us to be, most of all dependent upon Him for our every need.
  2. Status -- would you rather be magnified or crucified? We want so much to be seen as famous, whatever the scope (from the world, to only in our own minds) that we think more of ourselves and less of Jesus. If we're not focused on Jesus, we're focused on ourselves and our own glory.
  3. Security -- would you rather be right or rescued? Jesus knew if he jumped off the height that God would save Him. He also knew it would vindication for Him--see? I was right, I am the Son of God! But His work would have been incomplete and the fear for Him wasn't really the height--it was knowing what lay ahead. Sometimes we're so wrapped up in wanting to be right and do things our way that we lose sight of the fact that we need Jesus, daily, as our very breath.
I'm looking forward to and, if I'm brutally honest, scared to see what God has in store for me and SBC. As He deepens our relationship and opens these doors, it means He is calling us to more and greater responsibility--awesome and somewhat terrifying when you consider it.

So what is God doing in your life right now? Share it in a comment below. Or share a prayer request. You can either post it, or, if you prefer, email it to me in private--fullcartfullwallet (at)

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