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Monday, September 19, 2011

Replacing my summer tote with a new fall bag

Guest post written by Melissa Morganton

This summer I just embraced the laid back look and basically made a tote my summer bag. I got so many compliments on it, but I definitely need something a little less bright and sturdier for my fall and winter bag. I've been looking through so many fashion magazines to try and get a good idea of what I should get and after I looked at them some, I decided that I wanted was something that had tons of straps on it and looks like it has some real utility.

I went online to find some stuff like that and see how mang bags I could find like it at affordable prices. Besides the bags that I saw in magazines that I loved were all designer ones way out of my price range. While I was online trying to find the affordable versions of those designer bags, I ran across some info on wireless internet providers New York. I showed it to my husband and after we looked over it some, we decided to change over our internet service to one of those providers.

I finally found a great purse from Top Shop.
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