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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Product Review: Fleurings Natural Flower Jewelry

How often do you hear about a really unique and new idea? Not very often, at least in my case. Fleurings are that new idea.

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Have you ever been in a tropical mood and tucked a flower behind your ear? Of course, few of us probably look as gorgeous as Taylor Swift up there, but even so, those flowers only look great for a while, then they fall out, or wilt and die. Flowers are like nature's jewelry and it's too bad we haven't been able to take advantage of their natural beauty much outside of leis from Hawaii.

With the invention of Fleurings, all of that has changed. You can now use flowers as jewelry, whether earrings or necklaces. Each Fleuring has a tiny vase to keep the flower fresh all day long. Ideally, small stemmed flowers like spray roses, dendrobium orchids, daisies and mums are great to use. Just add water by placing them under the tap and then add the flowers you like. If the flower stems are very thin, then bunch them together. If they are too thick, then slice them down lengthwise. The stems should be sort of snug in your jewelry so they don't come out. Fleurings offers many tips for using real flower jewelry in your wardrobe.

The possibilities are as varied as nature when it comes to Fleurings. Each Fleuring comes packaged with artificial flowers so they are ready to wear when they arrive. You can also change the flowers to match your outfit, style and occasion. The flowers even add a fragrance, giving this jewelry many layers.

Over the past week, I have worn my Fleuring necklace several times. I wore it with patterns and solids. I found I liked solids better as they seemed to bring out the flowers more and draw more attention to them. When wearing solids and my Fleuring necklace, I received many compliments. From my grocery checkout clerk to the friend I ran into about town, everyone stopped and noticed my beautiful Fleuring.

My Fleuring with a green flower (my favorite color!)

I was extremely pleased with the versatility of this jewelry, and my boys found a renewed passion for picking me flowers! The only slight drawbacks I found with the Fleuring necklace was that you had to be careful what neckline you wear with it and the clasp was a little hard to work. The first time I wore the Fleuring, I had on a ruffled mid-neckline and the neck of my shirt kept catching the flowers and pulling them out. The second issue was very minor: the lobster claw clasp of the necklace was a little small and did take an extra second or two to clasp. I never struggled to put the necklace on, however.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with my Fleuring experience. I think this is a really innovative idea that's going to catch on soon!

These would be great gifts for weddings, gardeners, women who love flowers, and it would be an especially romantic gift from a man to his love--what better way to say, "You're beautiful and I want to adorn you in nature's beauty?" 

And, if you're a fashionista, flowers as an accessory were really hot in several Spring '11 collections including Marc Jacobs.

Where to buy

You can buy Fleurings flower jewelry from their site, or if you happen to live in Hawaii or California, they are sold in some shops there. You can check out their location guide to see if a store is near you.

Coming Soon -- Giveaway

I'm very excited to announce that Fleurings has generously offered to participate in an upcoming giveaway on Full Cart Full Wallet. I will be posting more details about this giveaway as the event approaches.

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