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Friday, September 23, 2011

New to Couponing? Here's Some Tips to Get You Started!

If you're new to couponing, it can be overwhelming. There is a lot to learn. From deciding which stores to focus on, to learning how to stack coupons, it can seem impossible to master. The easiest trick is to take it a step at a time and start small. Learn the ropes by doing a few mini-deals with the coupons you have on hand, and then branch into the bigger deals as you build your coupon stockpile.   

I love finding other sites that post deals and help to educate new couponers. One couponer/deal-seeker can't possibly find or post ALL of the great deals that are out there. ThriftyJinxy is one of those great sites that is a good one to subscribe to RSS feed or Facebook so you can catch the latest. From thrifty tips to rebates and giveaways, you'll find some deals at ThriftyJinxy.

 If you’re looking to learn more about couponing, check out ThriftyJinxy's site for some extreme couponing tips to get you started. She posts some great tips as well as some of the newest deals to help you get started.

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