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Thursday, September 22, 2011

*IMPORTANT – MUST READ* Is the New Facebook Keeping You From Scoring Hot Deals?!?

Hi all! So I’m sure you all have noticed the recent Facebook changes. Like many of you, I really didn’t think much about them until I noticed that I haven’t gotten very much reaction from you guys even though I've been posting lots of deals. I might as well have been speaking to myself in an empty room. Am I crazy? Well, I do teach 12 and 13-year-olds, but, no I don't think so.

It was then that some of my deal-blogging friends clued me in--many of you have probably been MISSING all the deals I have been posting lately because of those new Facebook changes!!  What's the point in me posting all of these deals if you're not seeing them??

If you want to make sure you aren’t missing out on my deal feed on Facebook, I need you guys to do something for me really quick.

Don’t worry – it won’t hurt :)
  1. Go to your Facebook Home Page
  2. In that center column is your news feed.  I need you to scroll down until you find one from me.  It doesn’t matter which one, just find one.
  3. Now hover your mouse over the top right corner until this little blue arrow appears.  Click it and choose the first option "Mark as Top Story."

  1. If you can find another one, do it again (and again).
Ok so what you have just done is told Facebook – “HEY – I want to see my deals from Full Cart Full Wallet – Quit hiding them from me!!!

So from now on, you should start to see the deals again.  Supposedly FB “learns” what you like by your actions so this may take a while to get through.  If you want to make sure it happens faster – then do this every time you see a post from me and that will make sure they get the hint!!

Another way to make sure you never miss a deal from your favorite coupon blogs on Facebook is to Make a List. This is a new feature and my friend over at CNY Mommy made a great video tutorial on how to do it – have a look!

Thanks so much to Deals4Dummies for cluing in this dummy!
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