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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Guest Post: Don't Let the Deal GET You!

Note: This is a guest post from Cheyanne at Spend with Pennies. If you enjoy what she has to say, please head over to her site and follow her by GFC and leave a comment!

Don't Let the Deal GET you ! Advice from Spend With Pennies!

Stockpiling: Stockpiling is the best way to make your money stretch.  When you find a great deal, you buy enough for your family that will last until the next good sale.  Yes, this means buying more than 1 of a item during 1 sale .  Whatever is on sale that you will use, you buy.  Even if you do not need it that week, you may need it the next.  Stock up enough that you do not have to pay full price for anything. Watch the sales every week to see how to plan. I personally get every FREE DEAL I can find... If i cannot use it NOW SOMEONE will use it sometime or another.  If a item is a "good stock up price" I will stock up even if it isn't free! 

A few things I never pay for:

Dentle Floss
Body Wash/Soap
Those items are mostly ALWAYS FREE!

Make Good Decisions: When you coupon, you need to make good decisions. DON'T let the DEAL get you! YOU GET THE DEAL!!!  (some new couponers even myself when I started raced to get every deal imaginable... just think of it this way the deal will be back around if you miss out don't stress it) ALSO remember that you do still have to pay tax on things, even items that are free after coupons, so make sure you’re not wasting all of your money on tax for things you don’t need. If your spending 2.00 in tax money ON SOMETHING you DO NOT USE then YOUR not saving ANY MONEY!!!   You also have to take a fair amount of time planning. When I go shopping (depending on who I take or if i go alone) I create a extensive grocery list with my coupons already organized in the order I plan on checking out. ((Mind you that is when I take my children ... I don't even take my binder its not worth the frustration )) If I get to venture out SOLO I will take my time and browse around! It is alot of time planning a shopping trip... BUT, here is how I look at it.... "I save $100 on my shopping bill, that is MORE money I have to Pamper Myself... Spoil the Husband or even MORE toys for my boys!"
Always Give Back:  After you have been couponing for a while, you will find that you have so much stuff that you cannot possibly eat it all or use it all before it will go bad. I have alot of single mothers whom are my close friends who don't have enough time to actually coupon SO I share with them. I also love being able to just have my own lil tiny store in my house!  Don’t be a hoarder or a shelf clearer just to have it all sit and clutter up your house. When I started couponing I told myself... I REFUSE to let it take over a SINGLE room in my house... I refuse to let it take over my life. I will never be ON TV. I WILL never be considered a HOARDER.... I always give to someone what is needed and if I have enough to give. I ALWAYS keep a 6 month supply of everything...  
((I have 2 Small closets and a small laundry area for my stock pile I do not have a abundance of anything...))
Responsibility: As a couponer, you can help or hurt the coupon world.  Do not abuse the couponing system.  When in doubt about a coupon, ask someone before using it. USUALLY trust your instinct.  Make sure that your coupon is for the product that you have.  You cannot use 2 manufacturer coupons on one item.  At Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS, they allow you one store coupon and one MANUFACTURE coupon.  The coupon will say on it what it is.  Check out my Coupon Etiquette Here   Just use common sense and not greed to guide you.
Teach Others: Friends don’t let friends pay too much!  Be sure to share the shopping skills with others so they can learn to save too.  Everyone works hard for their money so they should be able to keep it! DO NOT brag to others to the SENSE it become NAGGING. NOT everyone has the time to save the money or even the interest. ALWAYS just be helpful you will soon know which friends are interested and which friends aren't.
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