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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Carbonite Online Backup -- FREE Trial PLUS 2 FREE Months w/Purchase

Have you ever had your computer die? I'd venture to say most of us have. What's the worst part about it? Losing all of your files, photos, videos, and music! We all know we should backup our computers, but how many of us do? Not many!
That's where Carbonite comes in. They will backup your data online in a safe, secure environment. It's also automatic, so no having to remember to backup your files!

Right now, Carbonite has an amazing offer: Try Carbonite online backup for 15 days. Then get 2 extra months with your purchase. Use offer code: EASY to claim your 2 free months.

Carbonite works automatically and continually to make sure your computer files—and memories—are backed up offsite. Try Carbonite at no charge. No credit card required.

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