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Monday, September 12, 2011

Back-to-School = Time to Get Organized with About One!

It seems like now, more than ever, we have so many things to organize: kids' school paperwork, doctor's appointments, medical information, bills, home maintenance. It almost seems like we all need our own personal assistants! When someone wants to work for me for free, that's when I'll get one, I guess! Until then, we can use a great service, AboutOne, which can take you to a whole other level of organization.  

AboutOne is an online service and it's like an online filing cabinet at your fingertips, organizing your whole family's life.  You can store household information like health records, possessions, insurance contracts and more. After our flood (4 years ago), I really understand the value of having this information stored securely online, where water and fire can't destroy it.

You can also create documents such as babysitter instructions, along with keeping track of anniversaries, birthdays, etc.  And, I've now found a solution for the box I have shoved under my bed filled with my kids' artwork: you can store digital scans of your kid’s artwork and photos, then create albums and even have physical copies sent out.  You can even order invitations and the like to be sent out to your contacts!  

AboutOne sounds like a great new service to help keep an on-the-go family organized and prepared for almost anything!  If you’d like to sign up and try AboutOne out, you can do so here.
I usually only post about free deals, but this service is so great, I had to recommend it to you. Luckily, before you have to pay, you get 17 days for free when you sign up. Then it only costs $30 for a year of UNLIMITED storage for all your documents, photos, videos, etc!  That works out to $2.50 a month! Think of that as one less frappe at McDonald's this month (your hips will thank you, too!)

After experiencing a flood where we lost all of our important documents and almost all of our memories in the form of photos and artwork, I highly recommend you check out About One. No credit card is required, simply upgrade your account if you’re interested in continuing the service after your trial.
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