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Friday, August 26, 2011

PongCano -- A Cool Game Needs YOUR Help!

My friend Joe, is a middle school teacher like me in Long Island, NY. He has invented some really cool games, and his newest is called PongCano. It's a fun twist on the get-something-in-a-cup type of game. With PongCano, you're trying to bounce a ball into an odd-shaped cup (volcano-shaped to be exact). The fun comes in with the chips. If you miss, you have to put a chip in. If you get the ball into the cup, you get to take all of the chips. It's fun and addicting.

Here's where the problem comes in: Joe hasn't yet gotten a manufacturer to make his game. He's trying to raise enough money on to get this game in production. He has 10 days to get $3,200 more in donations (he already has $3,300--over halfway to his goal of $6,500). YOU can help Joe reach his goal and get this cool game on store shelves. Here's how:

  • If you donate $15, you can reserve your own copy of the game
  • Donate $25 and you'll receive the game and a drawstring backpack imprinted with the PongCano logo, available only through the Kickstarter project
  • Pledge $60 and you'll get two games, two bags (one for you and one for a friend, or as a gift!) and a special set of Kickstarter chips!
  • Pledge $300 or more and you'll receive 2 games and a really cool folding PongCano table
  • You can donate as little as $1

Please help Joe out by spreading the word on Twitter and Facebook. Link to Let us know you've helped spread the word by commenting below.

Note: I did not receive anything in return for posting this. I just want to help Joe out :)

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