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Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Tide Coupons from One Care


One Care has previously offered Tide and Downy coupons. These are good, high value coupons (P&G coupons are usually fairly low-value).  

$1/1 Wash bag or Bra bag (Walmart & Target)
$2/1 Odor Absorbing Pop-up Laundry bag (Only at Target)

I have one of the Bar bags and they are good quality. Hurry over and get your coupons. Simply fill out the form and they're on their way!

Thanks That Frugal Girl for the heads up!


  1. Thank you for following my blog! and making it lucky #500!!! WAHOOO Love the now following you too ;)

  2. Hey Jenny!! Great coupons!!

    I'm following back- liked your page on FB and GFC following you now :o)

    I'm glad as a teacher you weighed in to say the Lysol wipes are appreciated I hope others see that- I know especially with littler kids in class things get germy QUICK!

  3. Hi Jenny! Thanks for visiting and following my blog :) Now following you back (GFC, NB, & FB). Happy Sunday!


  4. Hey! Thank you for your recent comment and follow! You're blog seems very helpful. I'm not following. :) Have a great Sunday!


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