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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coupon Articles

Here are some useful coupon articles from successful couponers:

Generating Revenue with Coupons -- This is a great article to help explain how stores actually make money on couponers. Many people, especially cashiers, seem to think we're "stealing" by using coupons. This explains how coupons benefit the store.

200 Places to Find Coupons -- This is an excellent list compiled by Jill Cataldo of company websites where you can find free coupons. Another gold mine? Send them emails complimenting their product, or even complaining, most will send you coupons!

Couponing 101 -- The Discount Queens give you all of the essential details you need to begin your coupon journey.

How Many Newspapers Should I Buy? -- I help you to determine which newspapers you should buy and how many for optimum coupon savings.

Receiving Coupons from Companies #1 and #2 -- I lists some companies I've contacted and what I have received from them. Helpful to you in finding places to contact for coupons.
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